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Vent pipe odor affecting your day?

Do you have a bad odor coming from one or more of the vent pipes on your roof of your home or cabin? Our made for Canada ABS standard units will eliminate the sewer gas odor and give you back your deck and yard.

Roof-top plumbing vents allow pressure to equalize as waste water flows down the drain pipes, without a vent your sinks/tubs/toilets would gurgle and glug.

These problems can be caused when the wind currents that are supposed to carry the vent gases up and way sometimes bring the sewer gas down to ground level. This can happen if you have a temperature inversion or have down-drafts off of a hill. The problem can be more noticeable during evening or nightime.


Contractor 6 Pack 4"


$617.70 $495.00

Solar Fan 3" ABS Unit



Contractor 6 Pack - Save 20%


$539.95 $429.95

Aerohog360 4" ABS Unit



Carbon Replacement 3" Bag



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